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Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering

The powers conferred by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) upon enforcement agencies are extensive and are increasingly being used to challenge illicit finance. The various related regimes cast a wide net and the complex nature of proceedings means that individuals and businesses can be caught up in litigation that compels a suspect to account for their financial history.

We act for businesses and individuals who require advice in dealing with POCA investigations and proceedings when enforcement authorities seek to target capital and assets.

Cash seizuredetention and forfeiture is regularly used in the Magistrates’ Court and often accompanies a substantive investigation or prosecution. Indeed, the first a suspect may become aware that they are a person of interest is when a restraint order is made restricting them access or control of an asset. We advise clients on resisting these incursions.

Following a conviction, the POCA confiscation regime grants enforcement agencies draconian powers to appropriate property, assets, gifts and often draw in third parties who have legitimate rights over the target financial benefit.

Out team is adept at contesting all POCA related proceedings, negotiating with the prosecution and navigating the POCA frameworks which can otherwise be highly destructive for individuals and businesses.

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