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Criminal Litigation

Criminal Appeals

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The right to appeal a decision of the court is one of the cornerstones of justice. Unfortunately, the system is capable of human error and a wrong decision can have a profound impact on a person’s life.

Challenging a final judgment can be a difficult, lengthy and complex procedure. An intimate knowledge of the law is required to guide an appellate successfully through the process.

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP offers a specialist service to those who feel that the court process has let them down. This involves expert advice on the realistic prospects of an appeal, followed by a comprehensive plan of action. Clients may feel that they or their business, perhaps a family member or friend, has received excessive punishment or a conviction that is unsafe – both of which can form the basis for launching an appeal action.

The case may involve issues of fresh evidence, whether from a previously unknown witness, new medical opinion or unseen documents. Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP’s international reputation for excellence in criminal litigation ensures that our team provides our clients with the very best prudent and prompt advice.

John Lamb leads the team and specialises in helping individuals and companies to overturn verdicts in the Magistrates’ Courts and the Crown Courts – whether appealing against sentence, conviction or by way of case stated,- frequently leading to success in the Courts of Appeal.

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