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At Ronald Fletcher Baker, we strongly believe that by fostering an approach which supports diversity, embeds equity, and promotes inclusion is an environment which benefits not only our firm, our colleagues and our clients but more importantly society. For this reason, Diversity Equity and Inclusion is a core tenet of the firm and a fundamental priority of ours.

We are committed to maintaining a progressive culture with our focus on law and people. We have a proactive partner led approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion which ensures its promotion and integration across the entire firm at all levels. By valuing diverse experiences and differences, and not just academics, we are able to create an authentic environment enabling individuals to innovate and create without restriction.

It is a testament to our commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion that we take immense pride in our Manging Partner Rakeebah Rahim, who inspires everyone in the firm to strive to reach their full potential irrespective of background, identity and differences and who has instilled an ethos of Diversity Equity and Inclusion into the foundations and culture of this firm. Rakeebah is recognised for her formidable work ethic and her drive to succeed, a leader with an ability to guide and motivate an array of talented individuals.

Our beliefs and core values to promote Diversity Equity and Inclusion are enshrined in our existing policies which are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that this firm continues to promote a progressive environment which celebrates Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

The immense value of having Diversity Equity and inclusion at our core cannot be ignored, it allows us to drive innovation and focus on results benefitting not only our staff, and clients but helping us to have a positive impact on society.