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Celebrating 75 Years: A Night to Remember


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Last week, amidst an atmosphere brimming with joy and nostalgia, our firm gathered at the illustrious Natural History Museum to commemorate a remarkable milestone: 75 years of unwavering commitment, dedication, and success. This grand occasion not only celebrated the firm’s rich history but also offered an opportunity to express gratitude to the incredible staff and valued clients who have played an integral role in our journey.

Each member of our team, regardless of their role, has contributed to the firm’s growth and reputation.  We extend our gratitude to our staff for their staunch dedication and for embodying the core values that define us.

Our clients, the bedrock of our success, have entrusted us with their dreams, aspirations, and goals. We cherish the partnerships we have formed, and it is with deep gratitude that we recognise their unwavering faith in us. 

We owe our success to the clients who have placed their trust in our expertise, allowing us to guide them on their unique journeys.

We pledge to continue providing unparalleled service, embracing innovation, and adapting to the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Managing Partner, Rakeebah Rahim and Senior Partner John O’Callaghan spoke on the night of the firm’s values and vision which has led to the growth of the firm over the years.

Rakeebah Rahim spoke with passion, encapsulating the essence of her journey and the profound impact she has had on our firm. Her remarks were not just a testament to her personal experiences, but a reflection of the values that have shaped our firm into what it is today.

In her moving speech, Rakeebah Rahim acknowledged her incredible 34-year tenure at RFB, attributing her fulfilling career to her mother’s sage advice. It is a testament to the power of guidance and support from loved ones that can shape our professional paths.

Rakeebah expressed her gratitude to Jonathan Roberts and John O’Callaghan, recognising their collaborative efforts that played an instrumental role in shaping our firm. With their unique talents and combined expertise, they laid the foundation for the successful organisation we proudly stand as today.

Guided by two fundamental principles, Rakeebah shared her philosophy on firm management. The first principle emphasises the importance of growth, highlighting that “if something is not growing, it is dying”. This mindset has been instrumental in driving our firm forward, constantly seeking new avenues for expansion and innovation. The second principle revolves around the belief that “people are our most valuable assets”. Rahim stressed the significance of nurturing and caring for our staff, as their growth and well-being are intrinsically linked to the success of our firm.  With a deep sense of pride, Rahim described the RFB family as a cohesive unit. 

John O’Callaghan spoke of key milestones in our firm’s history. In 2010, we took a significant step forward by opening our office in Baker Street, now led by partner Mustafa Abbas and his exceptional property team. It was a strategic move that expanded our reach and solidified our presence in the legal landscape. Then, in 2016, Afsheen Nasr embarked on a journey to establish our office in Manchester, extending our reach even further. More recently, we proudly established ourselves in Exeter, building a talented and vibrant team that has enriched our regional presence.

John spoke of his pride having witnessed exponential growth, with partners rising through the ranks and forming the powerful teams we have today.  He was quick to note that we came together not only to celebrate the successes of our people, but also to express our gratitude to our clients and referrers who have placed their trust in us. They have been instrumental in our journey, and he extended our heartfelt appreciation for their continued support.

The evening would continue to unfold, weaving together personal stories, shared memories, and a collective vision for what was yet to come. The firm stood united, propelled by its remarkable past and fuelled by the passion and dedication of its people and the people it serves. Together, we will continue to write the next chapter of the firm’s growth story, guided by the collective spirit that has always defined us as one big family.

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