Wills and Codicils

Preparing a Will allows you to take control of your estate and ensure that on your death, your assets pass in accordance with your wishes. It also enables you to choose people who you trust to administer your estate and to appoint guardians of minor children.

Wills can incorporate trusts to take effect after your death. Trusts may be needed to protect the interests of minor and vulnerable beneficiaries, to provide more flexibility as to how your estate is distributed, and to allow a partner to continue living at your home during your lifetime whilst ensuring that this will ultimately pass in accordance with your wishes.

It is important to keep your Will under review and consider whether any alterations may be needed to reflect changes in your personal circumstances. Changes in the law may also affect what you wish to do in your Will.

Minor amendments may be able to be made by Codicil.

We have experience in dealing with vulnerable clients and can advise on how to ensure that a Will is validly executed if there are any concerns about the mental capacity of the person making it. Where a person lacks capacity, we can assist in making an application to the Court of Protection for a Statutory Will to be executed on their behalf.



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  • News Author: Chris O'Callaghan | Devorah Ormonde