Administration of Estates

An application for a grant of representation is often required after death to enable the deceased’s executors or relatives to deal with the assets and liabilities in the estate.

Our team can assist with obtaining a grant and winding up any estate containing UK assets regardless of whether the deceased left a will or lived in the UK. We are often instructed to administer the estates of non-domiciled individuals with UK assets where we will work together with lawyers in other jurisdictions.

Our estate administration service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Obtaining valuations of assets and liabilities
  • Preparing inheritance tax returns
  • Calculating the inheritance tax and arranging for payment of tax from the deceased’s assets
  • Preparing and submitting the application for the grant of representation
  • Collecting in assets and discharging liabilities
  • Dealing with the sales or transfer of assets
  • Preparing estate accounts
  • Dealing with any liability to income tax and capital gains tax arising during the period of administration
  • Registration of any trusts set up in the will
  • Distributing the estate to beneficiaries

Additional Info

  • News Author: Chris O'Callaghan | Devorah Ormonde