Financial Claims

Every financial case is different, and the court’s focus will always be upon achieving what is ‘fair’ in all the circumstances of the case. In some cases, fairness means splitting the assets on a 50/50 basis, and in others, there may be justification for an uneven split. Whilst our advice on every case is designed to fit your needs, there are common factors which will impact any settlement:

- The length of the marriage;

- The income, earning capacity, and financial resources of each person;

- The respective financial needs of each party to the marriage, and those of their children;

- The standard of living enjoyed during the marriage;

- The age of each person.

Our team’s experience in family law means we are experts at making sure our advice takes into account all of these factors to ensure you are getting realistic and practical advice for your case. Whilst providing this advice, we will focus on putting in place a sensible timetable for the progression of your matter together with a transparent approach to your legal fees.