Over recent decades the investigative authorities have developed increasingly sophisticated methods of inquiry as a response to criminal allegations or regulatory breaches. An investigation can come in many forms - some commencing with an arrest, some by way of invitation.

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP specialises in this developing area. Police investigations now extend well beyond the interview-under-caution, with officers utilising the provisions of Released Under Investigation and Pre-Charge Engagement to conduct multiple lines of enquiries, often incorporating forensic and digital evidence.

The Criminal Litigation Department offers a comprehensive service of investigation assistance to proactively advance our clients’ cases. This includes support for individuals facing investigations by HMRC, the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, local authorities, the Health and Safety Executive and other enforcement authorities, even an employer or a foreign nation state.

Investigations into corporate bodies require a different tactical approach and provide opportunity for shrewd negotiation to resolve the inquiry in a satisfactory manner.

We recognise that an investigation can often be highly sensitive so issues of professional reputation and discretion are very much at the forefront of our advice.

Early practical and strategic advice is crucial in the protection against investigatory powers and anyone under suspicion must be assured that their rights are advanced fully and robustly to avoid unwarranted prosecution.

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