Bribery and Anti-Money Laundering offences

The UK has one of the strictest anti-bribery and anti-money laundering regimes in the world. The legislation in this area places a positive duty on the regulated sector to disclose the existence of suspicious transactions to the National Crime Agency by way of Suspicious Activity Reports.

Professionals can often find themselves in situations where they are either a potential suspect or a witness in the ongoing investigation. Such experience is often stressful for businesses and individuals because of potential consequences that could follow the outcome of an investigation.

We represent both individuals and corporate organisations who believe they have been the subject of a Suspicious Activity Report as well as advising them on Anti-Money Laundering compliance.

The introduction of the Bribery Act 2010 marked one of the biggest changes in anti-corruption law over the past decade. The Act operates extra-territorially, which means that internationally-based companies can be prosecuted for their conduct outside the UK and it creates an offence of failure to adequately prevent bribery, as well as strongly encouraging cooperation with enforcement authorities. This means that directors of multi-national commercial organisations and their employees are more exposed than ever to allegations of bribery and corruption.

When an investigation is commenced, it is crucial to receive legal advice at the earliest possible stage. Not only is  reputation at stake,if the matter goes to court, it may attract a significant sentence of imprisonment in cases when a defendant is found guilty.

We have substantial experience of advising suspects in such investigations conducted by Serious Fraud Office, National Crime Agency and other agencies whichwork in conjunction with the police.

Our specialist lawyers provide assistance to individual and corporate clients regarding anti-money laundering regulations and financial regulatory issues and we advise in cases with potential personal liability for money-laundering offences.

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