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Legal, digital forensics, PR and reputation management solutions are essential for any business when managing issues relating to cyber security, data breaches, employees stealing electronic company property and fraud prevention. An immediate and decisive response can reduce liability, loss and damage to your business.

Our partnership

As we move to a more digital based method of working, particularly following the COVID 19 outbreak, RFB, CYFOR and Cassiopeia realise that more digital issues are going to arise in the areas of employment, regulatory and business crime.

We have therefore entered a partnership to provide a one-stop service to our clients in relation to internal investigations, legal services, digital forensics, cyber security and PR/reputation management. Our partnership aims to guide and support our clients through these processes, with the additional comfort of legal privilege, which is not available if investigations were to be carried out internally.


Operating globally, CYFOR is a leading eDiscovery, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security provider, with expertise in advanced data analytics and data recovery. These specialisms extensively cover civil, criminal and internal corporate investigations, as well as proactive and reactive cyber security and litigious matters.

CYFOR’s ability to combine advanced forensic techniques, cyber incident response and eDiscovery workflows provide a leading-edge, with a proven capability from extraction through to production of data. CYFOR’s expert analysts are recognised as some of the leading specialists in the industry, regularly dealing with a range of complex and high-profile cases.

About Cassiopeia Services Ltd

Cassiopeia Services Ltd is a reputable boutique PR and Investor Relations agency with extensive expertise in PR, reputation management, data privacy management, corporate and strategic advisory and crisis communication management.

Over the years, Cassiopeia has worked with international private and listed companies in a range of sectors including cyber security, commodities and financial markets, payments and services, data privacy and blockchain. Prior to establishing Cassiopeia Services, founder Stefania Barbaglio worked for 10 years as a freelance producer for mainstream TV channels, including Bloomberg, the BBC and leading in-house investor relations and PR departments.

How is our partnership relevant to you?

By combining our expertise in the fields of technology and investigation, legal and PR reputation management we are able to guide you as issues arise in the following key areas:

  • Home working;
  • Cyber security/data breaches;
  • Electronic property theft by employees; and
  • Misuse of equipment.
  • Data Subject Access Requests;
Home working

As a result of COVID19, working from home has and will continue to become significantly more prevalent. This requires employers to have a huge degree of trust in their employees. It also means that employers will now need policies for home working, which we can produce for you.

If you have concerns about whether an employee is working as they should be, we are able to carry out digital monitoring and/or investigation into the employee’s actions. If the employee isn’t complying with their contract, then we can seamlessly guide you through how to deal with that matter via an internal disciplinary process.

We are also prepared to defend any litigation that could arise in the Employment Tribunal. Monitoring home working will undoubtedly be an area which divides public opinion; if there is any litigation that arises, our partnership is ready to provide guidance on how to approach any publicity that may follow.

Cyber security/data breaches

Businesses are often the target of electronic attacks as hackers try to extort organisations and obtain sensitive information and customer data. In the event of a cyber security breach our partnership can provide a 24/7 emergency crisis service with a comprehensive forensic incident response to understand how the breach occurred, manage and mitigate risks, remediate and implement recovery and preservation plans.

We are able to advise you how to handle any regulatory matters that arise as a consequence of a cyber event and take the required actions to resolve or minimise risk to the business, including meeting regulator notification deadlines and providing legal representation during regulatory investigations. Internal investigations will be undertaken where necessary and our legal team will act as the core custodian of the facts, preserving legal privilege for your organisation.

In the event of a cyber event our PR and reputation management can also provide essential guidance, to minimise damage to your business’ reputation.

Electronic property theft by employees

If you have concerns about an employee, director or partner stealing confidential business information in order to gain a competitive edge when moving to a competitor or setting up in competition, we can assist. Our digital forensic investigators can collect, analyse and report on the digital evidence available, whilst our legal team can enforce the relevant legal remedies and carry out or guide you through any disciplinary process that may follow.

Misuse of equipment

It may be that an employee is using company-issued digital equipment in a way that does not comply with your policies. We can digitally examine the devices, including deleted data and search histories, to help you to understand the extent of any such action and support you with any disciplinary process that arises as a result of this. If there are regulatory reporting requirements, we will also guide you through what is required and advise how to protect your business, including assistance with relevant PR measures.

Data Subject Access Requests

Data Subject Access Requests (commonly referred to as ‘DSARs’ or ‘SARs’) can be made by any individual who wants to understand what data an organisation holds in relation to them, and how it is used. These requests are often made ahead of, or during litigation, as they can be a useful tool to Claimants.

You usually have 30 days to respond to a DSAR once all the necessary identity verification has been completed. Failure to comply could result in a significant fine issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

A key challenge in any DSAR is being able to pull together all the relevant information, often from multiple electronic and paper sources. It can be particularly time-consuming to find personal data contained within emails and documents, and to determine what should be disclosed and what redaction is required to protect other’s personal information.

Our experts in forensic data acquisition have systems which are specifically designed to search, filter and process large volumes of data, identifying the information you require in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are then able to review this documentation to ensure that no data protection rules are broken when complying with a DSAR.

We are also well positioned to defend in the event of any claims for breach of data protection in the civil courts and to represent you should there be any investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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