Social Media and Digital Content

Whether you are an Influencer, Content Provider, NFT Artist or Commercial Sponsor of Influencers, we can help you with your legal work, whether you need help with endorsement deals, IP protection or related contracts (such as employment or consultant contracts).  We also advise on brand and content protection to ensure you can fully protect and exploit your most important assets through the lifetime of your agreements or posts.  

We have experience in advising Influencers and negotiating terms with social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube as well as with international brands ranging from clothing to alcohol labels. We are well-versed in the growing body of regulations and guidance in the digital sphere and are able to guide you and your brand in this ever-changing landscape.

Our understanding of the digital space has allowed the team to also advise on NFTs from both the Artists’ and the Buyers’ perspectives, especially in regard to royalty rights.  

We are sensitive to the fact that each person, brand and company is different. This is no more apparent with those who contribute to and are part of digital culture. This is why our agreements and services are bespoke to your needs and situations.


  • Influencer Contracts
  • Campaign Agreements
  • Sponsor Deals
  • Social Media Brand Ambassador Contracts
  • Licencing Contracts (IP and Brand)
  • Advertising Agreements
  • Art Agreements (Buying, selling and licencing)
  • Content Agreements