Connecting Across Borders: Our Riyadh Journey at CityScape Expo 2023

In a year filled with commitments and ambitions, our firm, alongside my partners, Mustafa Abbas, Ali Chouhdry, and Afsheen Nasr, embarked on a remarkable journey to the heart of innovation and transformation — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The occasion was none other than the CityScape Expo, an impressive event that drew more than 150,000 attendees. 


Venturing to Riyadh: A Commitment to Connection and Innovation 

Earlier in the year, we pledged to extend our reach to Riyadh to meet with our clients, connect on a deeper level, and immerse ourselves in the dynamics of the industry. The significance of such a commitment cannot be overstated. Riyadh, a city undergoing monumental change, is a vibrant epicentre of innovation and ambition. Our objective was twofold: to understand our clients' needs on a deeper level and to gain insights into the exciting world of real estate and development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). 

NEOM and Beyond: Ripping Up Conventions in Construction

As we strolled through the CityScape Expo and explored the exhibits, it became abundantly clear that KSA is in the midst of a transformative period. Ambitious projects like NEOM, a futuristic city near the Red Sea coast, stood out as striking examples of this transformation. NEOM, with its audacious vision, is a testament to the country's commitment to excellence and progress. To bring these projects to life, KSA is actively recruiting the best talent and pushing the boundaries of conventional construction practices. Riyadh is fast becoming a hub for groundbreaking developments that challenge the status quo. 

The Riyadh Metro, King Salman Park, and Qiddiya Entertainment City are other noteworthy projects that reflect KSA's drive for innovation. The Riyadh Metro, in particular, is one of the largest public transportation projects globally, promising a modern and efficient system that will significantly improve the city's mobility. 

Forging Connections: A Bridge to England and Cross-Border Arbitration

Our presence at the CityScape Expo allowed us to establish invaluable connections with numerous law firms. These connections provided us with critical insights into the market and doing business in KSA. More importantly, we discovered pathways to assist their international client base, whether they needed legal assistance in England or in arbitration matters. This dynamic exchange not only expands our horizons but also strengthens international bonds, fostering collaboration across borders. 


At the Expo: Meeting Thousands and Learning from Experts 

Having our own stand at the Expo was an exceptional experience. It allowed us to engage with thousands of attendees, from industry experts to curious entrepreneurs. The opportunity to showcase our services and engage in meaningful conversations further solidified our presence in the KSA legal landscape. It was also a privilege to hear from industry experts on the ground, including those involved in the NEOM project. Their insights and perspectives added depth to our understanding of the region's development landscape.  

Partner Reflection: Charting Future Endeavours

Beyond the bustling expo and vibrant discussions, our trip provided our partners with a precious commodity—time. It allowed us to come together, brainstorm, and reflect on the opportunities that lay ahead. As a cohesive unit, we pondered how, by working collaboratively, we could leverage our strengths and expertise to seize the opportunities that Riyadh, and by extension, KSA, offers. 

A Journey of Discovery and Ambition

Our business trip to Riyadh and the CityScape Expo was not just a professional endeavour but also a voyage of discovery and ambition. It illuminated the innovative spirit that courses through the city's veins and solidified our connections with clients and peers in KSA. As Riyadh continues to transform and innovate, we look forward to being part of this exciting journey, forging new relationships, and contributing to the development of this dynamic and ambitious region. 

By Rudi Ramdarshan (Senior Litigation Partner)
With thanks to the rest of the Riyadh team: Ali Chouhdry, Afsheen Nasr, Mustafa Abbas



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  • News Author: Rudi Ramdarshan